How to Play Monkeys Gone Crazy

          In this game the monkey lost his mother and he has to go through many challenges to find his mother. To complete this game you will need to unlock the goal block and find your way there. The first level is Good vs. Bad and you will need to kill all the enemies and collect all the points. The second is called Insane Animals and the third is Troops of Monkeys, you are timed on both level and must collect all the point and kill all of the enemies.

            First, the purpose of the first level is to get to the goal block while collecting and killing and the points and enemies. In this game you are the good monkeys and you must kill all the dangerous monkeys, while collecting the points to unlock the goal block. The only way to unlock the goal block is to collect the all the points and kill all the enemies. The education aspect of this level is to learn how most monkeys are dangerous but a few aren’t. That’s why there is only one good monkey, which is you, and many enemies you have to defeat. Also in this game you have many sprites. One sprite is the points another is the enemies. Some more sprites are the green and brown blocks and the goal block. You need these sprites to make up your game. Also in the first level, you are allowed to shoot. One of the sprites is to have an avatar that lets you shoot. You need to be able to shoot to kill all of your enemies. In conclusion, you need all these things to complete the first level and go to the second level.

            Second, you need to get all the points and kill all the enemies with a certain amount of time. The goal of this game is to unlock the goal block before the time runs out. Monkeys have no patient in the jungle, so this level shows you that you need to get to the goal block before he gets inpatient. What happens in this level is you must travel through the jungle in the trees without the dangerous monkeys killing you. You have a certain amount of lives before you lose. You also must travel through all of the enemies that don’t want you to find your mom, which is the goal block, so you must go through their traps. Another sprite in this game is the timer. The timer limits the amount of time you have to win your game, and if you don’t finish your game in the time you lose automatically. In conclusion, you must not let the monkey become impatient with you in level 2.

            Lastly, in the last level you must win this game by collecting all the points and killing the enemies with a time limit. In the 3rd level all of the dangerous monkeys now travel in groups. Monkeys that travel in groups are called troops. Also in this game you will need to travel through the jungle with all the troops waiting for you. You will need to travel on branches and get to the top where the goal block is. You also need to collect all 37 points in this game. You also need to kill all 20 enemies. You have a time limit in this game also. In conclusion, you must do the following to win the game.

            In conclusion, you will need to go through all the challenges of all three levels to beat the whole game. He three levels are Good vs. bad, the second level is Insane Animals and the third level is Troops of Monkeys. To be successful you will need to try to beat all 3 levels.

The Adventures of Crazy Crouton!

I remember my first accomplishment of being a superhero, getting my superpowers, and making my costume! I am really happy that I am a superhero because I love saving the world from danger! My mom didn’t have superpowers till she married my dad. My dad’s parents had made this chemical that gave them invisibility and able to read peoples minds. Then their genes got sent down to my dad. My dad only had a little bit of the chemical left and gave it to my mom. Then they got married and I was born and got the genes of the chemical. I actually made the crouton gun with my dad because I love croutons and we wanted to experiment. Then we made the bullets with the help of my grandfather he was a mad-scientist.

 My parents had left me one night and I wanted to see who they were fighting and I wanted to help so I left the house and brought my crouton gun and went invisible. I saw this guy and he was about to rob a bank so I shot him with my gun and he fell to the ground. Then he got up and tried to fight back with me and I was kind of scared and didn’t know what to do at first but then I kept shooting at him with my crouton gun and I turned invisible, I outsmarted him. My alter-ego tried to stop me but I turned invisible and tried shooting him with my gun but he ran away. I tried to get him but I wasn’t to smart then when I didn’t really know how to use all my powers. I could have used my mind-reading but all I had was my boots and my crouton gun, I didn’t make my mask yet.   Then my parents came and we called the police. The police came and asserted him and we ran back home. My parents were very proud of me and they began teaching me the basic of what I need to know about being a superhero and then I began training. I learned how to help good and how to defeat evil with my superpowers. I first had to learn to shoot with my gun so I don’t waste so much croutons!

My two favorite colors were orange and purple and I wanted to make a costume with those colors. I made the boots because they could have the button I push to turn invisible. They turn me back too!  I wanted a mask and my dad had one that could already read minds so then I just dyed it orange. If I’m not wearing my mask then I can’t read other peoples minds. It also blocks people from reading my mind. On my shirt I put two Cs because my name is Crazy Crouton.  Even though I couldn’t fly I added a cape because I always wanted one!   My cape has orange and purple stripes. My Crouton gun is just an accessory for my outfit, (ha-ha).  I am so glad my grandparents made that superhero chemical because if they didn’t I wouldn’t be here! I love being a superhero and saving the world!

Word Count:  534


Book Title: Hunter Brown and the Eye of the Ends.

Author: The Miller Brothers.

Number of Pages: 379


Summary: Hunter is in the Hospital from the school fire. A really tall, big man that looks like a retired linebacker comes to talk to Hunter. Volger asked Hunter if he wants protection but Hunter denies. When Volger leaves he says “I’ll be watching you.” After he is out of the Hospital Hunter goes to the library. Volger came and he was being chased but he met Desi and she took him on her motorcycle to Simon. While they were there Hunter found pictures that his dad drew before he went missing. And he realized that one of the pictures was a drawing of today, and that Volger was going to be at his house soon. Hunter got on the motorcycle and rushed home. When he got there he went inside and found that Volger had already token his mom and sister, Emily. Next thing he went to Rob’s house and Volger showed up there so they had to escape right away. Hunter and Trista went to Aviad’s bookshop and Desi met up with them there. They had to find a way to get to Solandria and escape Volger.


Volger arrived at the library where Desi and he fought. Hunter and Trista found a way to transport to Solandria. When they got there they took a nap and when they woke up Hope was there. They were on the Shard of Noc. When they arrived to the village Hope took them to, Hunter saw X-haul. X-haul had said he was the seventh mark by the flame. Hunter was very mad because X-haul used to be on the Shadow’s side. Hope said that X-haul had change and he was one of them now. Hunter still didn’t trust X-haul since he had done so many bad things to him. When they woke up Hope and X-haul had left. Hunter wanted to continue the trip to find his father. Hunter, Trista, and Desi left to go to Belac’s house.


When they had got there they didn’t see Belac anywhere in the house. The three of them went into the basement where they had found a mirror. You had to unlock the riddle to enter and Hunter and Trista figured out the riddle and the mirror opened. Hunter went in alone and Trista and Desi guarded. Hunter had found where his father was all these years! They talked about there past and what had happen to them. Hunter needed his dad to come and help him find Emily and his mom but he refused. He said he couldn’t go because he had already seen the end. Hunter got very mad and left and Belac was there, they had to fight Belac to escape. When they did Belac was turning into Hunter’s dad. Hunter had to kill the part of Belac and he did, but he had to go and take care of his father so they stay in this hut for a while. Trista had been taken by Volger and Hunter found out that Desi was working for Volger. Hunter and his dad left on his Thunderbird. Barely anyone had made it through the Black Curtain. Hunter and his dad had crashed down. When Hunter woke up Hope was there and gave him a drink that restored him. They went to go find his dad and when they found him they gave him the drink too. They continue their mission but Hope didn’t come along. When they arrived they had to go throw this maze to get to the Eye of Ends. It took them a very long time to get there and had to go throw very hard things but they made it. Volger showed up and Hunter’s dad had to give in to Volger so that he would let go of Emily and Hunter’s mom.


Hunter, Emily, and Hunter’s mom went back to the Author and he told Hunter to go turn the seed into the flame in the Lifestream. Hunter had to fight Desi on his way and Faith, Hunter’s thunderbird, got hurt but the Author healed her and Hunter had won the fight with Desi. He had ripped her whip out of her hand and the winds of the Lifestream were picking up dangerously speed. He went and to the flame and put the seed there and it started to grow rapidly! Hunter had saved Solandria.  He went back and saw everybody cheering and going around talking, having tea, and just having plain fun! He had restored Solandria back to normal. When he went back there was only one more thing he had to do. Hunter had to let his father go again. The author needed the bloodstone which was his heart. Hunter, Emily, and Hunter’s mom all said their goodbyes and then the Author took the bloodstone out and he died. The Author said his life will be rewritten and one day you will join him. Hunter, Emily, Hunter’s mom went back to the Void where they lived their everyday lives.


Theme: Never give up on yourself because you can make a difference. Hunter wanted to give up but he didn’t and he changed Solandria. Even if its not as big as that everyone can make a difference in our world and never give up!


Rating:  I would choose 4.5 out of 5. It is my second favorite book! My first favorite book would be Heaven is for Real.  The Hunter Brown series are so unpredictable. It is really interesting with all the details they have in the book. I think it should be turned into a movie! I also would give it a 4.5 because it is a Christian book.

SSR Project Plot

Hunter Brown and the Eye of the Ends

By: The Miller Brothers

Pages: 379


Setting: The setting is in present day. The first part of the book takes place in the Void. The Void is where Hunter lives and where Volger is chasing him. Then they go to Aviad’s bookshop and transport to Solandria. Solandria is another world where Hunter goes to.


Characters: Hunter Brown is the protagonist because he is trying to stop the Shadow and Volger. Hunter is on the Author’s side with saving Solandria. Hunter and Volger fight a lot in the book. Volger wants to ruin Solandria. Volger wants to have a no Author world and be in control of all things. Volger is the antagonist.


Conflict: The conflict was when he went to the library and Volger had arrived and he had to escape the library but when he was climbing up to the roof he had dropped the book that Volger wanted do he lost some time and Volger caught up to him and Desi and Hunter were being chased and they escaped by riding Desi’s Motorcycle, which was called a ghost.


Climax: It starts on page 345, in the chapter ‘Like a Moth to a Flame’ and ends at the end of the chapter. The climax is when the Author gives Hunter the seed and he has to bring it to the center of the Lifestream.  While he was riding his thunderbird, Faith, Desi came and pushed him off and he was hanging by the saddle. Faith was not steering and they were about to run into a tree because Desi had managed to wrap her whip around Faith’s neck and she was chocking her. Eventually Faith ran into a tree and they fell down to the ground. Desi wouldn’t let go of her whip around Faith’s neck until Hunter would come with her. Volger had sent her so that she could ruin his mission that the Author gave him. Desi wouldn’t give up so Hunter and Desi fought. She took the seed and threw it while Hunter was trying to get back up. Hunter managed to catch her whip; he didn’t know how it happened because it happened so quickly. He pulled on her whip with all his strength and ripped it out of her hands. The Lifestream was picking up dangerously speed and Desi didn’t want to get killed so she left on her dragon. Hunter had to finish his mission and go to the center of the storm and plant the seed.


Resolution:  The resolution is when the song of life brought Faith back to life and Hunter could finish his mission. Pg.354-“The song that brought life to the world around us was restoring Faith to life as well!” Hunter hopped onto Faith and they began to fly into the Lifestream.  Hunter had to get the seed to the center of the flame in the Lifestream. They were alone in there so no one could stop them. Faith carried Hunter toward the surface where the flame was. He placed the seed and right away it began to grow rapidly and was restoring Solandria immediately. Hunter had saved Solandria and beat the Titan and Volger!

SSR Project: Hunter Brown

Hunter Brown and the Eye of the Ends

By: The Miller Brothers



My main character of the story is Hunter Brown. He is young and has blonde hair, usually not combed. “She brushed my shaggy blonde hair.”  (Page 16)Hunter Brown is skinny. “I’d have to think skinny; miraculously I slipped through with only inches to spare.” He slipped through a closing elevator door. Hunter Brown always wears Hope medallion around his neck, he always makes sure it is safe. “I shook my head slowly, absentmindedly fingering Hope’s medallion beneath my T-shirt.” (Page 12)




Hunter Brown is full of different characteristics. One of them is determined. P.70-“I headed for the exit with a determined pace.” Pg.188- “if the picture proved true and Belac really killed my father, I was dead certain he way going to pay for his crime.” Hunter was determined to get back at Belac and he wouldn’t leave until he did. Another characteristic that he has would be daring. Hunter had to go on many mission and had to be daring enough to do them and he was. Pg.334“They dared me to stand and fight in spite of the odds.”  On page 371 Hunter’s dad said “And not as many dads have a son as brave as you.” Hunter is also a great warrior. On page 339 Aviad told him he was a great warrior. On page 352 Hunter had to take the seed to the center of the storm and he ran into Desi on his mission and had to be a great warrior with fighting her to complete his mission. He could of quit but he stood firm to be a great warrior. Hunter was very loyal to his friends, family, and Aviad. When his dad didn’t believe in the Author Hunter would stand tall and keep trusting in the Author. He would stay loyal to the Author and make him keep believing in him. On page 172 and 173 X-haul had become part of the Resistance and Hunter had to be loyal and trustworthy of X-haul.


I woke up in jail with no memory of what happened the day before! I only had five items that I found in my pocket. The first item I found was cookie crumbs. I thought for a minute about what they might have to do with this. I remember that I stored a cookie in my pocket for lunch class yesterday, but I had no idea what that had to do with this! The second item was my phone. I looked at the last text message I had sent and it was to Katie. It said “Best prank in the world!” all the other messages were deleted. Yesterday Katie and I wanted to do a prank but I couldn’t think of what we did. The third item I found was a spaghetti noodle! Cookie crumbs and noodles, what’s up with all this food? At school yesterday they were serving spaghetti for lunch. “Well all of stuff is confusing me!” I said out loud.  The fourth item was a napkin with a whole bunch of food marks on it! “Gosh, all this food is making me hungry!” I thought to myself. I remembered that I had used a lot of napkins in lunch but I couldn’t remember why. The last item in my pocket was a piece of glass! Then I remember that someone had thrown a plate at me and it knocked me out! I started putting all these things together and I finally thought that Katie and I wanted to start a food fight. I started to laugh; I never thought a food fight would get you sent to jail! I had to stay in jail for three days but the food fight was really fun after I remember what had happened that school day!



My Digital Footprint

When I looked up myself on Google I found when I was in the newspaper! I was 6 years old when I was in the newspaper. It brought back awesome memories! I also found when I went to JA Biztown in 5th grade for a field trip. I was an AD executive. When I was there our newspaper company wrote a newspaper and I also found the newspaper we wrote while we were there. It was really cool!

There are not many people who have my name so I’m not really famous for anything. There were a few pages like facebook or twitter but not any famous people. It was really cool to look up myself on Google and find things about me!

My Top Five

My theme is sports! I love to play sports. I love most sports but here are my top five!!

1. Track and Field is my favorite sport because I love running!! I defiantly want to join in high school! I prefer sprinting then long distances. I am very fast and on field day I won all the races I did! I was very proud of myself.                                                 

2. Soccer is my 2nd favorite sport. It was the second sport that I started to play. I joined when I was 4. I had to stop playing because I got my heart disease when I was four. After that I joined up again! I love all the running and it is really competitive.

3. My 3rd favorite sport is softball. I am currently playing it. I play 1st base, and sometimes 3rd or pitcher. I love that feeling you get when you hit the ball especially when you hit it in the outfield! I have been playing for 4 years and I am really glad I joined.

4. I don’t play football but I love to watch it or go to the games.  Sometimes I play backyard football. My favorite NFL team is the Ravens!!! My dad own PSL (private seat licenses), so I have been to many of there games and my very first game I got to sit in the front row of end zone!!! 

5. Last but not least is volleyball. In the winter I am going to play. I haven’t joined the team yet because this is the first year they have it for middle schools. I am very excited. My favorite is going to the beach and playing in the sand! I practice it a lot and it really fun to practice but even more fun to play with your team!

That is my top five. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I love all sports but those are the ones I like the most.

My Bucket List

Here are ten things I would like to do before I Die!

1. I really want to go skydiving. I think it would be so amazing, but I hope that my parachute opens!!!

2. I want to travel the world! I think it would be so amazing and fun!

3. I am a ravens fan all the way so I really want to meet some players like Ray Lewis, Ray Rice… and meeting the coach would be cool too!

4. I wouldn’t want to be killed by a tornado but I really want to see one besides in pictures.

5. Before I die I want to get married and have kids. It would be a great experience and plus I love little kids.

6. This follows traveling the world but I really want to go on mission trips to tell people about God and to help them out. I love seeing people smile:)

7. Since i have a heart disease I want to help other kids who have heart diseases because I know what its like and I really like when someone would put a smile on my face.

8.  I want to ride the top ten rollercoaster’s in the world!! I love riding rollercoaster.

9. I want to go scuba diving in the ocean. I think it would be scary with all the sea creatures but I really want to!

10. I defiantly want to go on a hot air balloon!

I still would like to do more things in my life but those are the major things I want to do! There also not in any order cause i want to do all of them!!!!(: